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The Federal District of México is one of the world's largest and most interesting cities. Although it has its own problems, it also has some features that anyone who consumes a lot of media in the USA will find surprising. The food is amazing, and there are no burritos (maybe some, but really it is not Mexican food). The music and other arts are in full display. And personally I feel safer there in the traffic than in most other cities.

As with all of the images here, these are available for sale directly through the web site. Canvas prints are also available, but they require a slightly different set up, and therefore, you'll have to send an email to order them. The smallest prints, without frames, are $60, larger prints -- 16x20-18x24, without frames are $80, prints that are 32 inches wide are $105, and 40 inch wide prints are $210. 60 inch wide prints are available for $550.All of these can be framed adding 60% to the cost.
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