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Created 7-Jan-14
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Long Beach has been my home for two decades. We have a complicated but rich relationship. In the end, there's nowhere else that I know of I'd rather live.

As with all of the images here, these are available for sale directly through the web site. Canvas prints are also available, but they require a slightly different set up, and therefore, you'll have to send an email to order them. The smallest prints, without frames, are $60, 16x20-18x24, without frames are $80, prints that are 32 inches wide are $105 and 40 inch wide prints are $210. 60 inch wide prints are available for $550. All of these can be framed adding 60% to the cost.
Seeking refuge in a blue skyWinter Storm Threatens Long BeachFireworks over Queensway BayBlood in the SkySunset on Ocean 2013

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