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Created 7-Jan-14
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Scenes in California, mostly familiar, but with a slightly different perspective.

As with all of the images here, photographic paper prints of these are available for sale directly through this web site. Canvas prints are also available, but they require a slightly different set up, and therefore, you'll have to send an email to order them. The smallest canvas prints, without frames, are $60, 16x20-18x24, canvas at 32 inches wide are $105 and 40 inch wide prints are $210. 60 inch wide prints are available for $550. All of these can be framed adding 60% to the price of the canvas print.
Sunset: Point LomaCoit Tower with the Bay BridgeGray Green GateCastro TrainEnd SansomeReedley Opera HouseSt. Helena Bridge to TranquilityEvening at Fort RosecransVincent Thomas Bridge by Night

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